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The Bucs won a preseason? Well that's good.. posted on 08/13/2008

I haven't watched too much on the game, but it looked good on the passing situation so far. I hope it would show some good spirits to the team and the fans. Although the win didn't really count, it still felt good to see a win, on an opening game. Now what I understand is that they are somewhat focusing on Michael Spurlock, the person responsible for the return kickoff touchdown against the Falcons last year, near the end of the season. I remember that well because I personally witnessed that, I went to the game, invited by a good friend of mine. The crowd roared when that happened. I was excited to see history made for the Bucs. To backtrack and a little off-topic here, that was my first game I went to in a few years or so, the last game I weent to is when it was a preseason game against the Miami Dolphins, and that game I witnessed a kickoff return touchdown by Murphy. Obviously that was in the preseason game, so it didn't count. Now, 5 years later, I witnessed history with Spurlock making that return touchdown. Coincidence? Fate? You decide. What I will tell you is that my good friend told me I should go to more games with him, and of course that made me chuckle. I just couldn't bellieve the fact that I witnessed games that had kickoff return touchdowns. That definitely sparked my football spirits. Now back on topic, will Spurlock be a person to watch? Persoanlly I think he may have something, didn't see much last year when he played a few times, but this year? I don't know, I think we just have to sit around and wait. Hopefully something comes up in this player. He may at least be worth looking at in the coming weeks.

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The Soap Opera is over, now move on! posted on 08/08/2008
This one I think I will keeps this short and simple.. Well, as I predicted from my previous entry, I expected that the Bucs wouldn't get Farve, not to say that it would probably be cool to have his name on the roster, but it's just not going to happen. To be quite honest, I think we got quarterbacks that can make something in the Bucs. Obviously we got Jeff Garcia, he seems to be fit in the team, and we got Brian Griese, another sleeper talent. Honestly, if Farve somehow made it to our roster, all it would do is probably make the Bucs a little more popular in the NFL. That's about it. I think his talent is still there, but it's not as good as when he was older. He's just getting older and older. Now the Jets, I think that may have been a smart move anyway, because I think they needed a qua

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Brett Favre coming to Tampa? My thoughts. posted on 08/06/2008

That is the question we Tampa Bay lovers wonder about. Honestly I don't really care about him, if he does happen to get into the Bucs' roster, I think that it may put Jeff Garcia in a bad position. I think Jon Gruden does not want to let down Garcia just because Favre is coming to the Bucs. Now, I think this is all rumors and speculations, but I did remember that yesterday on our local news, Fox 13, they did mention that there were talks between the Bucs' General Manager and the Packers' General Manager. Am I jumping for joy for Favre to join the roster? As I stated before, I honestly don't care for Favre. I just think he's too old to continue. Every-time I heard his name, I am like, "isn't he supposed to retire anytime soon?" Now from the official NFL website:;jsessionid=BC6E0E275C4446608 Gruden refuses to speak about the supposed deals going on with Favre. I don't blame him. He seems to be loyal to his players. and I am sure he doesn't want to get anyone riled up because of this little situation. Now the real question is, "Will the Bucs accept the trade offer from Favre and the Packers?". Honestly, I don't see it happen, I mean, it could, don't get me wrong, it may be nice to have him in the roster, but personally, I think he is just getting too old to play. We'll see what happens in the near future, Hopefully there will be a light at the end of this dreary tunnel of rumors and speculations.

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