Anatomy of a Disappointment

December 01, 2008

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Dayne Duranti

Anatomy of a Disappointment


(The Plaxico Burress Story.)

 The New York Football Giants went 11-1 today in a convincing win against the Washington Redskins. The Giants won the division showdown without star receiver Plaxico Burress as he was home recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the thigh.


Burress is no stranger to drama; the tortured receiver has given the World champs more than their share of headaches.


Earlier this season Burress was fined $117,500 for missing a team meeting/practice and not calling out sick. He was also fined $45,000 for a verbal altercation with a referee that involved throwing a ball into the crowd.


Buress who caught the super bowl winning catch was a hold out before mini-camp and blamed it on an ankle injury. He has earned a reputation for being a distraction and having a bad attitude on and off the field.


The shooting allegedly happened Friday night at The Latin Quarter in the Radisson Lexington Hotel in Manhattan. The hotel apparently does not make you show a gun permit at the door.


With a rash of recent gun related tragedies plaguing the NFL, its no wonder that some of the game’s biggest stars choose to roll packing.  Washington Redskin Sean Taylor was gunned down in his home almost exactly a year ago.  More so the Honor Roll of NFL stars who have been assaulted and/or committed assaults is as long as Shaq’s arm.


I appreciate that many professional athletes grow up in dangerous environments. And I appreciate that guns and gun culture is a part of the upbringing of many of the NFL’s elite. My problem with the incident is gun control, plain and simple.


How do you shoot yourself in the leg? And cost yourself a $23,000,000 contract while you are at it?


Put the safety on G!


If you feel the need to protect yourself I understand, but damn man learn how to use that gat. If you make your very good living with your legs, don’t shoot yourself in them! That’s just plain dumb.


All I can think of is CB4 or one of those ghetto spoof movies. Homey don’t know how to treat his cannon. And sadly, you lose a career because of it.


I have these kids in my neighborhood, and they are always breaking in to cars and things on my street. I always contemplate shooting them when I catch them, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna shoot myself in the leg while I’m loading it.


Well, that’s all beside the point. Sadly, Plaxico Burress will most likely never be a New York Giant again, and his recovery alone is going to lower his stock significantly. He has good hands, he can catch a ball and a touchdown, unfortunately they don’t know how to operate a firearm.



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