Big 12 South proves that the BCS is flawed

November 30, 2008

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Dayne Duranti

Big 12 South proves that the BCS is flawed



The last image I had in my mind when I went to bed last night was Sam Bradford’s smug face placating my television screen. His careless and UN-Interested demeanor just added to my frustration over Oklahoma’s 61-41 victory Saturday night.



The victory will most likely propel either Texas or Oklahoma to the Big 12 Championship next Saturday against Missouri. What about Texas Tech?


After all there is a three-way tie for first place in the Big 12 South. Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma are all 11-1. Lets make it interesting now, Texas beat Oklahoma, Oklahoma beat Texas Tech, and Texas Tech beat Texas so which team goes to the ‘ship?


We will find out later today and there will be two disappointed teams, all three teams believe they deserve it, and no doubt, all three do. If there were a play-off the teams would be able to face head to head again and the best team would win.


But no, the fates of the three teams as well as the rest of the NCAAF are in the hands of WALL-E (resident super computer.)


As usual, Coach Mike Leach from Texas Tech has a refreshing point of view on the topic. Coach Leach said, “ They are STUDENT-Athletes, why not let the team’s academic history be a consideration?” Leach knows that Texas Tech is a clear winner in this category with a 79% team graduation rate. Compared to Texas’ 50% and Oklahoma’s poor 46%.


There has been much fanfare made about this situation and the impending National Championship as well. Alabama is a clear choice for the National stage, unless they are beaten by Florida in the SEC championship. You see, there is always some variable.


And what of the five other top-ten teams that have not been mentioned?


USC (10-1)

Penn St, (11-1)

Utah (12-0)

Boise St. (12-0)

Ohio St. (10-2)


We still have two other undefeateds and a two-loss team; lets just throw them into the old computer and shake ‘em up. See where we land!


I know that the whole play-off subject has been well discussed. Even high-ranking public officials have pleaded for a play-off system to no avail. So what good am I going to do? None, I know that.


But just for grins check out a hypothetical situation.


Thursday 1/01/09.

The Rose Bowl.


Penn St. Vs. USC

Winner to face Texas next Saturday.


Cotton Bowl.

Boise St. vs. Utah

Winner to face Texas Tech next Saturday.  


Fiesta Bowl.

Oklahoma vs. Florida

Winner to play Alabama next Saturday.


And so on. The winners play on until there are two left for the National Championship. This is simple, this can be done! Why don’t we do it? The ratings could be spread out over a month and games could be split between networks. So, ultimately America gets to see the Top 10 teams battle until there is one definitive winner.


It works in every other sport! NFL, NBA, MLB. Even NCAA Basketball. I don’t get it?


All the college coaches should get together for a summit. There should be open bar and a padlock on the door. See what we can come up with. Its bound to be ugly, but better than what we have now.

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