Harrell's March to the Sea

November 22, 2008

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Dayne Duranti

Harrell's March to the Sea



There is a war being waged as we speak.


It is a war that is dividing the South once again. This war knows no mercy, and this war does not care who is in its way, it is tearing through our institutions of higher learning and leaving no survivors. It is a proud war, fought for noble causes and in the end; the victory would be the sweetest of all.


This war is The Texas Tech Red Raiders verses everybody else.


Texas Tech led by the brilliant Mike Leach and quarterback Graham Harrell have been marching their way straight through the Big 12 South. They have made victims of highly ranked opponents like Texas and Oklahoma St. and some not so high ranked teams like Massachusetts and Southern Methodist on their way to 10-0.


There are only two enemies left. The fiercest of them comes tonight in the form of the Oklahoma Sooners. The 9-1 Sooners have the home field in what is one of the rowdiest stadiums in sports. They are also on a mission to make a statement, “Texas Tech stops here! They will not make it out of Norman!”


In what could be a high flying, aerial exhibition and the most exciting game of the year, both teams are in the Top 5 in passing. Harrell has 332 completions for 4077 yards and 36 touchdowns, while Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford has 224 completions for 3406 yards and 38 touchdowns.


Oh man, this is gonna get crazy. We might see 100 points tonight.


I don’t want to get too far ahead of our selves here football fans, but let me pose a question for you. If Texas Tech beats Oklahoma tonight, and then beats Baylor and ends up 12-0, does Tech go to the National Championship? I would think so, but it is up to the computer.


If Texas Tech wins out the season, I would venture to say that they are the best team in the country. In a playoff scenario, they beat everyone.




I’m rambling; the BCS confuses the hell out of me.


O.K, deep breath.


Go Tech!


Let’s really see some craziness tonight!


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