A Case for Global Warming

November 15, 2008

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Dayne Duranti

A Case for Global Warming

There are a lot of conflicting opinions on the crisis of climate change. The phenomenon of global warming is a very touchy subject with special interest groups and public interest groups alike. There is one special party that I see benefiting greatly from climate change and his name is Chad Pennington.


Pennington carried the hopes and dreams of the other New York football team until he no longer delivered the goods. He was quickly disregarded as trash when the golden icon Brett Favre donned the green and white.



Good for the Jets?



Also good for Pennington and the Dolphins.


The Big Tuna from his corner office feverishly chased down Pennington and sealed the deal to bring the golden haired Marshall Alum to Miami. It has been relatively sunny ever since.


The warm climate is agreeing with Chad Pennington. He has raised the Miami Dolphins up from the ashes of last season’s 1-15 record to a respectable 5-4, only two games behind his division leading ex-Jets. They are tied with Buffalo and only trailing the mighty Patriots by a game.


Pennington’s last season with the Jets he only produced 179 completions for ten touchdowns, nine interceptions and an 86.1 QB rating.


So far this season in Miami he has completed 185 passes for 2200 yards and eight touchdowns with a 92.6 QB rating in the same amount of plated games. Not incredible, but pretty good for a Dolphin none the less.


We still have a lot of football to play and we will all have to wait to see how far this goes, but just imagine seeing the Dolphins in the play offs and not the Patriots. I would be tickled. Plus, I have been trying to move away from this godforsaken cold weather for a long time. Maybe stats like these could help my case.    


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